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“Practice, practice, practice and all is coming” – Sri Pattabhi Jois

The practice of Yoga was originally taught directly from teacher to student. The importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the students specific needs was understood by the great Yoga Masters past and present. Yoga is a practice for everyone and can be modified and adjusted to meet a person’s specific needs.

A private class allows for a more in-depth view to your practice in correspondence to your physical and spiritual needs. You can deepen your practice, start a new practice or spend some time working with a condition or an injury. When working with a teacher in a one on one setting it allows for the student to dive deeper and have any unanswered questions answered. The practice becomes what it is meant to be: a personalized practice tailored to you specifically.


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Why take a private class?

For new students to the yoga practice

When starting out with a yoga practice, new students can often be intimidated by a larger, public classroom setting. A private class gives the teacher the space to focus completely on you, making you sure that you get best start to your practice. Practicing in a public environment can be great, but often there is very little room for questions – a private setting is ideal to ask everything you ever wanted to ask, and kick start your practice with depth. This will help you integrate in the best possible way in the public classes.

For more experienced students

For more experienced students a private yoga class can be very beneficial as well. The private setting gives you the chance to dive deeper into the practice, may it be a certain Asana that you want to explore in more depth, or if you need help learning one of the more complex poses. Also, if you are seeking help on how to start or broaden your home practice a private class is the ideal setting to explore and establish this. The class gives the more experienced student time to learn about Meditation, Pranayama (breathing practices) and Asanas that are good for a ceratin body type and constitution.

For those working with injuries

For students that are working with an injury or facing a health condition, a private class provides a secure space to practice yoga safely and to promote self-healing. You can learn how adapt your yoga practice to your current physical and mental needs. The private space allows to ask all the questions and gather information on how to manage your health condition through the practice of yoga. From working through a stressful time to self-care, getting out of an injury or for basic back care, yoga can help to manage and alleviate conditions and can generally improve your quality of life.

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